Monday, March 18, 2013

Track 1 - Emotional Roller Coaster

Mina-san konnichiwa! I finally decided to start a separate blog to write all my anime related adventures.

A little about this blog: it'll be whatever that comes to mind, excited news, updates on my new watches, maybe some reviewing, and just to keep track of my anime related activities worth sharing. For the most part, everything will be spoiler free unless it contains a huge warning "SPOILER" sign because I know how killer they are. Every post, I will link a track from something I love and can melt my heart in or something from ages past that I am nostalg-ing over. Without further ado:

Fairy Tail Theme - Slow Version on Harp

One of those long running anime I recently picked up was Fairy Tail. Why Fairy Tail among the other ones? Most of the time, my selection is based on a desire for some type of setting and genre and Fairy Tail fit the bill. As soon as I started, I was thinking "no way this can be so good." A few episodes in and I'm dying from laughter. Another few more episodes and I'm full of feels; then repeat as another arc starts and ends. I've been taken on an emotional roller coaster ride I did not expect. Fairy Tail did a really good job so far tugging at my heart strings. I started around Tuesday and watched up to episode 98 of 200(?), it's currently airing still but is due to end on March 30th!

When I started, I immediately noticed the similarities to Dragon Quest games in terms of setting and how the plot plays out. As the emotional stuff kicked in, it made me think of Final Fantasy as well. I guess that is why I like it so much since those 2 are some of my favorite RPG series. I'll go more into how it plays out as a whole when I'm done.

Many people have said Fairy Tail goes downhill from a point on. I'll pass my own judgement when I finish it, sure hope it doesn't though.

That's all for the first post!