Monday, April 22, 2013

Track 2 - Lost Feelings

 Amagami SS Opening - "i love"

To pick up from the previous post, I managed to marathon Fairy Tail just in time to wait along with fans from around the world for the release of the last episode. So did it live up to my expectations? For the most part, YES! There was an arc that just felt like a drag but this doesn't ruin the entire series. On the whole, most arcs played out as anticipated for a shounen genre series where the main character for no reason just wins the fight even though he's badly wounded and ran out of mana. However(!), that does not take away from the epicness and engaging action, not to mention emotional and el-oh-el moments.

One of the merits of Fairy Tail is that all the main characters have a strong background - and not just something shallow. After much thought, I decided to give it a 10/10. The "bonus points" it scored from the small things, overall enjoyment, and funny moments completely made up for any shortcomings and predictable results. And the comedy scenes absolutely fits my taste.

In other news, I just completed the Amagami SS series today. I haven't really been a fan of omnibus anime where the anime is broken into multiple arcs depicting different timelines - or parallel universes if you will - of the main character having a happily ever after with different girls.

The premise of the anime is high school romance where boy meets girl followed by a stream of touchy lovey-dovey development. I actually have a soft spot for stuff like this because many of the scenes reminded me of the feelings I've long forgotten about when I was dating - during my high school and college days. Amagami SS resonated very well with me and reminded me of what love feels like. For instance, holding hands for the first time, special kisses, close face-to-face contact, and anticipation of who knows what will happen next. Each arc was different enough to keep the story fresh and romance elements to keep me grinning through and through. The characters made me wish I was back in high school again with the chance to date in that setting. Amagami SS was a good watch, I recommend it for anyone wanting something in the romance genre.

P.S. Ayatsugi Tsukasa - the girl in the foreground is my favorite out of the six =)