Saturday, May 11, 2013

Track 3 - My Insides

I've been listening to the Fairy Tail OSTs and woke up one morning with this song in my head. It's really nice, nice song for easy listening too.

Fairy Tail Ending Theme - Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round

Today I'm gonna talk about Mitsudomoe!

Simply put, Mitsudomoe is an anime that will make your insides hurt, and you're gonna crave this hurt after the dosage of one episode! Yep, one episode is all it takes to understand what this anime is about and trust me, you're gonna want more. So it's a random comedy centered on three sisters. And why is this anime worth watching over other comedies? Here's why...

It's got inappropriate humor, adorable characters, not-so-adorable characters, pitiful characters, randomness, funny reaction faces, blood, violence, hamster, roaches, cats, non-stop el-oh-el moments, d'awwwwwww moments, and Hitoha. Who the eff is Hitoha? This here is Hitoha, or commonly referred to as Sanjo-San ("youngest").

Hitoha often gives of an evil aura but in actuality, she means no harm is very gentle inside most the time, which often results in hilarious results. She's also the maturest of the three sisters and a free thinker. Her cheeks are also soft like boobs =T. The middle sister, Futuba is  martial art fanatic/strong/competitive in nature and completely oblivious to embarrassment. That gives it infinite potential for funny already. The oldest is a bitch, that's all I'll say. I can't even remember her name hahah. I thoroughly enjoyed it having not seen a comedy like this one in a while. I did put it off for like 7-8 months after finding it too.

In the end, Mitsudomoe gets my Commy Meddy star of approval. A recommended watch for anyone who wants a good laugh.