Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Track 5 - End of Year Wrap

This and last week marked the end of Fall 2013 season as well as 2013's line up of anime. In fact, it was the first full year from Jan-Dec that I actually watched anime as they were airing at 1 episode per week per series. But boy oh boy, this year was amazing and pumped out many good titles. I counted a total of 44 full series watched, some shorts, many OVAs, several extras, and 7 on-going from Fall into Winter 2014. For this wrap-up post, I decided to go with the "best ____" and "most ____" approach etc.

Amateras Records - Selfish Trick (わがままトリック)

Best Slice of Life
No blood shed, no crazy characters, no drama, no feels-moment, no sword slinging action, no plot twist, no climax. Non Non Biyori is a heartwarming series of everyday life unfolding with cuteness and hilarity that can be enjoyed again and again. Every episode kept me smiling the entire way through.

Best Storyline
Shingeki no Kyojin has it in the basket despite only being partially complete. The execution was good and got me craving for more after the end of each episode. There's just an insatiable element as there are so many mysteries still remaining such as origin of the Titans and what's inside the basement of Eren's crumbled house. The hype and craze over SnK is rather over the top though, like really really... over the top.

Another title worthy of this "best" is Suisei no Gargantia that takes place on a revitalized earth after all the glaciers have melted. The story unfolds in a serene environment while touching on humanity issues with plot twists thrown in. Extremely satisfied with this one as it ended conclusively as well.

Best Comedy
Comedy... my favorite genre. NouCome is one of those gems in a pile of rough with overdone cliche characters and jokes that manages to be endlessly entertaining as heck. Even with a touch of harem element, the male MC is actually likable and not some brain-dead-dense-stupid-cunt-fish that will leave you feeling like time well wasted *cough Infinite Stratos 2 cough*

Best Action
Yokuraza Quartet: Hana no Umi took me by surprise. I was initially put off due to the original series but upon seeing this gif. (that gave me the hhhnggggg!! of the century) and realizing HnU is set in an alternative world, I gave it a try and was sucked in. This show seriously got the best action sequences ever and the animation is top notch. The ecchi is not forced, silly moments are abundant, and characters are absolutely adorable and unique.

Top Guilty Pleasure
This goes to Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS. I don't think elaboration is necessary. Story is nice too, of course.

Biggest Let Down
THEY RUINED ONE OF MY FAVORITE RETARDED SERIES. The first and second series was so stupid it was funny, which was the redeeming merit that made it good. BUT(!) here we have Futari wa Milky Holmes, where everyone is serious as a brick without an ounce of stupidity.

PS. gif. is from the good series, of course we don't get this cuteness in the new version

Honorable Mentions
Highly enjoyable, would re-watch 10/10

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova - Tsundere. Heavy. Cruiser
Chihayafuru 2 - This is love.
Aiura - dem legs
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? OP-ass MC
Yuyushiki - puppet theory!!
Love Live! Idol Project - sugoi sugoi sugoi!
White Album 2 - This is real love.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2014 of anime.
Merry New Years to everyone.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Track 4 - Mary Had a Little SUPRISE, BITCH!

Bokurano Opening - Uninstall

Here's a little story of my overlooking'ness that lead to a surprise in the end.

>Bus and train rides to school are boring
>Not a manga person
>Decides to check local library for manga anyway
>This one looks interesting
>Borrows Bokurano
>Check reviews later at home
>8 or 9 outta 10, not bad
>Completely overlook that there is an anime adaptation
>Convinced to the core there isn't one
>Begins reading
>Gets into it, pretty damn good
>Sad "knowing" there is no anime
>On volume 8 of 12 now
>Watching this smexy anime Yokuraza Quartet HnU
>Checks out other anime directed by same guy
>Sees Bokurano on the list
>looks harder
>*click click*
>looks even harder
>Immediately starts watching
>Opening song plays
>Already know and like song
>No idea where it was from

12.27.13 update:
Just finished anime adaptation, and manga day before. Both are amazing pieces of work but will go with manga being better especially the last battle.