Saturday, June 20, 2015

Track 11 - My Spaceship is a Rockgun

Routine Attached Video:
Knights of Sidonia 2 Opening - 騎士行進曲

 Really sad I can't link the full version. So all I can do is provide the link. The presentation and performance is absolutely stunning.

Sidonia no Kishi - 256 mech frames in a circular formation going from 0 to full thrust. If that isn't enough to describe it, I don't know what will. The stellar atmosphere. The out-of-place humor. The thousand year old sexy grandma that looks exactly like her granddaughter. The spaceship rockgun. The moment a minor character is in trouble and no one cares so he dies. The moment a main character goes missing and they send an entire FUCKING army search team.

Current: Waiting for episode 11 of season 2. The journey has been epic.