Friday, August 15, 2014

Track 7 - Lullaby o' Lullaby

Mai-Otome - Hoshi ga Kanaderu Monogatari

There are numerous reasons why we decide to start a new anime, rewatch one, get started on a  long-running series, resume a long hiatus, or drop an anime entirely. These are some pretty damn discussion rich topics and I've had my fair share of each. But for this post, I'll be sharing my current experience on a new anime I just started to watch, which of course is related to the song right here.

I like to listen to a bunch of songs on shuffle, especially ones I'm unfamiliar with. Even though I may have heard a song many times before, a strange glitch occurs: when I listen to it for the n-th time, I suddenly start hearing it in a new light (or should I say frequency). It's really strange and I wonder how have I been overlooking something so amazing.

So how does a good song translate to making me want to watch the show? When I hear something like this for instance, it makes me feel something, it creates a mood. With the desire and crave to feel that something, I check out what its about and pick it up if it appeals to my current desire. As for this song, the something can be expressed as melancholy? simplicity? feels? It's along the line of Gray's back story with Ul from Fairy Tail - that type of mood.

Paired with this cover art from the OST and it creates the perfect combo. I mean just look at it - how can a bunch of cheerful girls possibly fit with a song that makes you feel melancholic? It's like saying here are some laughs and giggles but please, have some feels and emotions as well.

Other triggers I've experienced include screenshots, fanarts, .gifs, and figures. I may be updating this post in the future since I like the topic but its late and I'm getting sleepy. To wrap things up, here are some pictures that have caught my interest at some point but I have yet to start the anime.


Whelp. I thought I had way more than 2 saved on my computer. I know I've came across a zillion of them. These 2 were super curious and silly looking so I saved them (heh).