Thursday, March 13, 2014

Track 6 - All's Anime that Ends Anime

fripSide - Closest Love

The great'o Chuuni season 1 was enjoyable and had all the elements of a rom-com slice of life to get a fucking 10/10 on my scale. Now I don't have out 10's like highschools here in the US hand out free condoms either. It was the third anime to hit that rating because I really enjoyed watching it through and through.

Then comes Chuuni2 Ren in the winter 2014 season. Looking forward to an equally good or superior sequel, I was excited. Season starts. It's okay. Season continues. Getting dull. Continues again. No development between the two. Watches episode 10. I fucking flipped. It was so difficult to watch and bear with. I feel for Satone so much and everything is so unfair... [yes you should have grabbed his hand back then, missy] Allow me to elaborate further.

This is a minor spoiler but hey, it should be expected. At end of season 1, Rikka and Yuuta engages in a "lover's contract". Great! Things were stirring up between the two. Season 2 drags on and their relationship is all.... FUCK. Not the literal fuck either. It's seriously nonexistent and what they have is pointless. Things that worked in season 1 don't work in season 2 because it's repetitive and people want to see development especially since they are in a relationship now. Most of the time, if feels like Yuuta is babysitting an immature little sister, Rikka. You're lovers and the most you guys did were hold hands and recieve a peck on the cheek once in 6 months? Like really real dude, this does not work when love is acknowledged between the two. Simply put, there is no love-chemistry, sexual tension, or anything of the type between them. Even if they are moving slow at their own pace, its so un-synchronized and deadlocked.

Ok now episode 10... OOOooooo.. episode 10. We get more and more into the new character in season 2, Satone. This girl fucking works with Yuuta as a lover. They had a past together and the chemistry is present but Yuuta doesn't see her at all (since he has Rikka apparently). As much as I'm rooting for Satone, there is just no way she will win because that's how anime are: 95% of the time we know who pairs with who in the end and Chuuni revolves around Rikka as the main. This crushed all hope I have for the anime. Seeing Satone in tears with Yuuta looking clueless grinded my last gear to the last bit.

The best way to put it: Rikka is like a little kid hogging a toy she doesn't play with. When someone wants to play with the toy and picks it up, she grabs it back and drops it again when their backs are turned.

>>>>If anyone disagrees or want to argue with me, let's hear it. I am all rooting for Satone here.