Sunday, December 22, 2013

Track 4 - Mary Had a Little SUPRISE, BITCH!

Bokurano Opening - Uninstall

Here's a little story of my overlooking'ness that lead to a surprise in the end.

>Bus and train rides to school are boring
>Not a manga person
>Decides to check local library for manga anyway
>This one looks interesting
>Borrows Bokurano
>Check reviews later at home
>8 or 9 outta 10, not bad
>Completely overlook that there is an anime adaptation
>Convinced to the core there isn't one
>Begins reading
>Gets into it, pretty damn good
>Sad "knowing" there is no anime
>On volume 8 of 12 now
>Watching this smexy anime Yokuraza Quartet HnU
>Checks out other anime directed by same guy
>Sees Bokurano on the list
>looks harder
>*click click*
>looks even harder
>Immediately starts watching
>Opening song plays
>Already know and like song
>No idea where it was from

12.27.13 update:
Just finished anime adaptation, and manga day before. Both are amazing pieces of work but will go with manga being better especially the last battle.

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