Sunday, October 26, 2014

Track 9 - Can I have a re-feel please?

Akame ga Kill! - Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta (Ending Theme 1)

Akame ga Kill! isn't a type of anime that hasn't been done before. There are plenty out there where characters part of the main cast get tortured or graphically dismembered on screen and die. Examples include Terra Former, Elfen Lied, and the popular Attack on Titan. These are shows with no "nakama" talk here; when you die, you die. So what makes this one stand out above and beyond the rest? AgK nails one element that others (not all) have overlooked. It manages to connect the audience to the characters by giving them "life" and providing glimpses of their backstory so that they more than just another 2D face in the crowd. Although some of these may be short, they are sweet that says "this is who I am and how I came to be". It manages to cling onto this element while driving the plot strong at the same time. The show makes you feel like you just finished a full-course meal with excellent service at a restaurant and want to go home and sign-up on yelp just to write a 10/10 review because the experience was so good. Now I may be jumping the gun here when I said "finished" as the anime is still airing but I have great prospect that the conclusion will not be anything short of others rated highly on my watched list (MAL

The death flags in AgK raises one after another and triggers just as fast. When one goes off, it feels like a hole has been left in my heart. This is quickly followed by some half-rate patching in the following episodes that slowly grows on me over time.

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